Alpha FME Introducing the IPC Gansow 70 BEX 53 ATEX Pyroban Scrubber Drier

IPC Gansow 70 BEX 53 ATEX Pyroban Scrubber Drier

The IPC Gansow 70 BEX 53 ATEX zone 1 & 2 Pyroban scrubber drier is the only purpose built explosion proof machine on the market. Designed from the ground up for all industry sectors that require ATEX certified machinery. Unlike other manufacturers that send standard machines for conversion, the IPC Gansow 70 BEX 53 meets all directives from the start.
Featuring a 70 litre solution tank and 53cm scrubbing width the 70 BEX 53 can clean up to 1,400m²/h. As with all the Premium scrubber dryers, the 70 BEX 53 comes with a full 3 year warranty even on the batteries and charger.
The IPC Gansow 70 BEX 53 has been designed for use in explosive environments including: oil & gas, fine dust food environments, military, mining and marine sectors. With health and safety increasing the standards in these sectors the 70 BEX 53 has to be the only ATEX machine of choice.
For more information on ATEX ratings please visit the HSE website.

For further information, technical advice, demonstration or quote on this product please call 0121 520 8481

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