Alpha FME Introducing the IPC Gansow 505 Pedestrian Sweeper

IPC Gansow 505 Pedestrian Sweeper

The IPC Gansow 505 pedestrian sweeper is the perfect answer for all internal and external sweeping tasks. With an automatic side brush for edge cleaning kerbs, racking etc the 505 is incredibly efficient. The 505 main brush collects larger debris including leaf & litter, warehouse waste, car park debris and more. And while normal sweeping creates airborne dust, the 505 features a dust suppression system to filter all the fine dust in operation.
The 505 leaves the working area clear of debris and fine dust to create a better working environment for the operator and those working in the area. With a 50L waste hopper and 70cm sweeping width the 505 can clean up to 3,500m²/h.
Maintenance is very low on the 505 with adjustable brush height, high quality belts and maintenance free battery system.
Available in either battery or petrol engine for maximum run time.
For further information, technical advice, demonstration or quote on this product please call 0121 520 8481