Alpha FME Introducing the IPC Gansow CT55 BT60 Scrubber Drier

IPC Gansow CT55 BT60 Scrubber Drier

The IPC Gansow CT55 BT60 scrubber drier now fills the gap between the CT40 and CT70 machines. This makes it ideal for medium sized floor areas where that little extra water capacity can increase efficiency. By increasing the water capacity by 15lt  the productivity has increased by 20%.
The CT55 has all the features of the well tested CT40 and CT70 machines, including the easy to use control panel, automatic brush stop and high density tanks. The scrubber dryer can be fitted with an on-board battery charger, maintenance free batteries and a selection of scrubbing brushes and pads.
Also available in 55cm scrubbing widths.

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