Alpha FME Introducing the IPC Gansow Premium 151 Green Line Scrubber Drier

IPC Gansow Premium 151 Green Line Scrubber Drier

This scrubber drier has all the performance and build quality you could want. Holding 150 litres for maximum working performance, available with a 870mm scrub width to provide a cleaning productivity of up to 5,525m²/h. The forward visibility from the driving seat is excellent even for such a large machine due to the streamlined control panel allowing for cleaning in tight spaces and around static equipment.
The brush deck features a self-levelling system to ensure maximum brush contact and to adapt to uneven flooring. The benefit of the self-levelling system is a reduced load on the brush motors thus giving increased battery life and reducing the strain on the motors. Brushes and squeegee blades are changed without the use of tools allowing the user to maintain the wear parts.
It is ideal for all industrial and heavy commercial applications with the owner looking at a long term solution to their floor cleaning requirements.
This machine comes with a three year warranty and has significant cost saving benefits due to its low water usage performance.
The machine is available with 8 different brushes please ask for more details.
For further information, technical advice, demonstration or quote on this product please call 0121 520 8481