Alpha FME Introducing the IPC GS 1/33 Wet and Dry Vacuum 240v

IPC GS 1/33 Wet and Dry Vacuum 240v

The IPC GS 1/33 is a lightweight commercial wet & dry vacuum. Featuring a 1300w by-pass motor, 33L stainless steel container and on-board tool storage. With ergonomic carry handle, large cable hook and the anti-bacterial Sanifilter.
The GS 1/33 comes complete with a full 36mm wet & dry tool kit including the anti-tear Soteco hose.
The tool kit includes:
> 2m x 36mm hose
> 2 x 50cm extension tubes
> Hand tube with air regulator
> Dry Floor tool
> Wet floor tool
> Crevice tool
> Dusting brush
> Small nozzle