Addressing new cleaning challenges, we have a range of equipment from spaying solution to 100 °C pressure washers

  • Elan San 25

    The Elan-San 25 & 30 Eco trolley are designed to apply sanitising or disinfectant solutions to water washable surfaces in commercial and industrial properties. Battery powered self contained units for ease of use & mobility

    Alpha Elan San Info – PDF

  • Modular Spraying System

    Built in and portable plug in system, easily retrofittable on IPC scrubber-driers. Spraying solutions for all kind of needs.

    1 – Scrub-dry-spray
    2 – Includes also possibility of spraying lance from operator position.
    3 – Trolley Spray
    4 – Backpack Spray

  • PW-H100 HTM - 100°C

    PW-H100 HTM achieves 100°C with unique water temperature stability both for high and low-pressure modes.

    This innovative model outperforms all other products on the market in terms of temperature combined with performance (200 bar – 900 l / h)