Alpha FME Introducing the IPC Gansow 1280 Ride On Sweeper

IPC Gansow 1280 Ride On Sweeper

The IPC Gansow 1280 ride on sweeper is one of the latest upgrades to the sweeper range from IPC Gansow. Available in four model specifications battery; dual power (battery & petrol engine); petrol and diesel. This allows use in virtually all environments depending on the users requirements.
Featuring a 1.2M sweeping width with twin side brushes for edge cleaning and 105L gas strut lift waste hopper to a height of 146cm. The twin side brushes are speed controlled allowing the operator to adjust the speed according to the dirt level. For dusty environments the 1280 sweeper has a powerful vacuum to filter the dust and has an automatic filter cleaning system to maintain the suction.
On uneven floors the 1280 brush automatically adjusts to keep constant pressure collecting all debris in its path, while the side brushes are spring loaded to protect from side impacts. With the high forward seat position the operator has a full 360 degree view to protect the machine and obstacles from damage.
Lease purchase and contract hire options are available on the IPC Gansow 1280 sweeper, call us to discuss your requirements.
For further information, technical advice, demonstration or quote on this product please call 0121 520 8481