Alpha FME Introducing the IPC GS 1/33 Wet and Dry Vacuum 240v

IPC GS 1/33 Wet and Dry Vacuum 240v

The IPC GS 1/33 is a lightweight commercial wet & dry vacuum. Featuring a 1300w by-pass motor, 33L stainless steel container and on-board tool storage. With ergonomic carry handle, large cable hook and the anti-bacterial Sanifilter.
The GS 1/33 comes complete with a full 36mm wet & dry tool kit including the anti-tear Soteco hose.
The tool kit includes:
> 2m x 36mm hose
> 2 x 50cm extension tubes
> Hand tube with air regulator
> Dry Floor tool
> Wet floor tool
> Crevice tool
> Dusting brush
> Small nozzle

Alpha FME Introducing the IPC Gansow CT40 C 50 Scrubber Drier

IPC Gansow CT40 C 50 Scrubber Drier

The IPC Gansow CT40 C 50 mains powered scrubber drier. Featuring a 40 litre solution tank and 50cm scrubbing width this machine is capable of cleaning 1,750m²/h. All the models in the IPC range are constructed from high density polyethylene, use high quality and performance vacuum motors and require no tools for changing both brushes and squeegee blades.
The CT40 features an easy to use control panel with level sensors on both tanks, individual brush and vacuum control as well as an emergency cut off switch. Available with either 20 or 30 metres of cable.
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